What are the best electric coffee bean grinders?

Are you a big coffee lover and consume large quantities of coffee? Do you want to take your coffee experience to the next level and grind it yourself at home? Our editorial staff has thought of you and has put together this article that will inform you about the best coffee grinders that you can buy, in fact, we have selected for you some models of electric coffee grinders that will allow you to produce your own coffee just from the seed.

The TAKRINK electric coffee grinder

The TAKRINK electric mill is a multifunction millIt will not only grind your coffee beans, but also take care of your spices, nuts and cereals. To start it nothing could be easier, you just have to plug it into a socket and press the cover that takes the role of switch in this device. The device is characterized by the following components:

  • a stainless steel blade;
  • a non-slip pad;
  • a motor with a power of 2000 W;
  • a maximum of 50 g of grinding.

It is a mill that is small in size which does not take up much space, ideal for one person. Its design is very chic in the form of a cylinder, it does not contain a visible button since it is through the cover that you can operate it. It is proposed between 15 and 20 euros.

The Solis scala plus 1661 electric coffee grinder

Unlike the previous one, this coffee grinder is only dedicated to coffee. Being more imposing, it can grind up to 250 grams of coffee keeping all the aromas of your beans, to offer you the best flavors. This machine is available from 100 euros on Amazon, it contains more than 20 possible settings (22 in all) and produces a coffee powder that is ideal for your cafeteria, filter coffee maker or your espresso machine.

This grinding machine is equipped with a seed container which is airtight and preserves the quality of your coffee beans, it is ideal for large families.

The CGOLDENWALL 2-in-1 electric coffee grinder

This coffee grinder can be used as a grinderIt can also be used as a chopper, thanks to its 2-in-1 functionality this mill can even handle wet foods such as fruits and vegetables, garlic, chillies, ginger, etc.

With a power of 3 000 W, it will allow you to grind 50 g of coffee In no time at all, it can produce a dozen cups of coffee. As for the first grinder we saw, this one starts by also pressing its cover, it is a device of very high quality approved by the 76 % of consumers on the Amazon site. When you buy it, you will get a whole kit that goes with it, its utensils are the following:

  • a stainless steel measuring spoon;
  • a bowl for grinding ;
  • a bowl for chopping ;
  • a one-year warranty.

The DeLonghi electric coffee grinder

This grinder is labeled "Amazon's Choice" which means that it is very popular with consumers. It is a high tech device that offers a 2.1 inch screen that tells you that this device can operate on 3 speeds: soft, normal and strong. The DeLonghi grinder has a large and elegant appearance and can hold up to 350 gr of coffee beans. It also presents two powder outlets either on the powder tank or directly on the sieve of your espresso machine by using an adapter.

This device contains more than 18 settings which gives you total control over the degree of grinding of your coffee powder, with a production capacity that can go up to ten cups (14 to be exact), it is offered from approximately 200 euros.

The electric coffee grinder with blade ICEKO KN

The ICEKO KN grinder has a power of 150 w, it is multifunctional and grinds not only your coffee beans, but also your cereals and spices. Its special feature is that it is very safe and you can even clean it under water. With its stainless steel lining, which offers optimal protection in addition to the power plug that is fully detachableThere is no risk of being electrocuted.

There are still many other coffee grinders on the market, you just have to choose the right model, but also the right category of coffee beans that goes with it!

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