What is the latest Shardor electric coffee grinder worth?

Would you like a small cup of coffee freshly ground ? For this nothing could be simpler, you will just have to invest in a coffee grinder.

You can grind your coffee with the Shardor electric grinder.

A few words about the Shardor brand

Shardor is a brand of small kitchen appliances. They are known in the market for always bringing something new and innovative to our kitchens. Each of their new products is eagerly awaited by consumers and Baristas, they know that their products will always bring a touch of modernity and novelty.

Over the years, Shardor has created a place for itself in the market among the big European brands. Shardor's latest product is the electric coffee grinder 2 in 1. Let's take a closer look at what this product is worth.

Features of the Shardor electric coffee grinder

It is a mill for domestic use with a simple and contemporary design in black and chrome. The body and blades are made of stainless steel. It can generate up to 220 volts of power, a 50 Hz revolution frequency and a 2400 rpm rotation. So much to say that it is a quality productwhose power is rarely reached by its competitors.

On the other hand, we noticed that the machine needs a rest time of at least 1 minute after each grinding. This is not so annoying, as we usually grind coffee only once a day, in the morning, but it should be noted that it's a multifunctional mill. In addition to grinding coffee beans, it can also grind spices, nuts, flax and other seeds. It is therefore less efficient when it has to be used several times.

The device is supplied with a very explicit user's manual, explaining the different functions of the mill. Its accessories are :

  • The Mill;
  • Two grinding bowls;
  • A bowl with a capacity of 70 grams,
  • A special brush;
  • Two grinding blades in two different cups.

The features of the Shardor mill

As we told you before, Shardor always brings innovative and surprising products. This mill has several very interesting features.

First of all, the stainless steel blades are extremely sharp. These blades offer quality, power and speed. The design of the grinder is based on a system of two or four blades cutting the coffee beans very cleanly and without imperfections, no bean escapes, no loss of material. This way of grinding allows the beans to release their aromas and flavors without agglomerating the coffee at the bottom of the container.

Then, we noted the sharpness of the different grinding options depending on the fineness of the coffee you want to obtain. With the button on the lid, you can determine the fineness of the coffee powder. For a coffee from a piston coffee maker, you will press only once, for espresso or Turkish coffee, you will press several times to obtain a finer coffee. It is up to you to choose the level of fineness of the coffee.

It is a multifunction millThanks to the two blades, it can grind all kinds of seeds and dried fruits. It is recommended to use the two-blade cup for coffee and to adjust the grinding intensity. For dried fruits or roots, it would be better to use the four-blade cup because they are larger seeds.

It is a device that has a safety lock. Easy to use, you just have to turn the bowl to the left to lock it and to the right to remove it. This mechanism allows you to grind your coffee without the risk of spilling the beans.

Last little trick that works, the sealing ring. It's a seal that attaches to the rim of the bowl and keeps the powder from splattering everywhere. Not only is there no loss of material, but the grinding is done in a very clean way without dirtying your kitchen. The bowls are removable and dishwasher safe. The stainless steel will not rust or warp. This equipment also makes it very easy to clean the coffee with a simple run under the faucet.

So that's all there is to know about the latest Shardor electric coffee grinder. It is a complete model that combines design, quality and functionality. Shardor has also produced other manual and electric mills, but this one stands out for its design and ergonomics.

SHARDOR 2 in 1 Electric Coffee Grinder Removable Bowls, Multifunctional Grinder High Rotation Stainless Steel Blender Coffee Spices Flax Seeds Herbs Dry Fruits Food Quality 200W
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SHARDOR 2 in 1 Electric Coffee Grinder Removable Bowls, Multifunctional Grinder High Rotation Stainless Steel Blender Coffee Spices Flax Seeds Herbs Dry Fruits Food Quality 200W
  • ★【Fast and Uniform Grinding】This SHARDOR electric coffee grinder offers you the uniform powders for French Press, Espresso, Turkish, Boiling Coffee, Mocha, Siphon Brewers, drip, etc. in 10-20s thanks to a great rotation 24000r/min and its stainless steel sharp blades.
  • ★【2 Grinder in 1】The 2-blade grinding cup has edge-free design, can chop hard and dry ingredients and keep their original flavor to the maximum, such as coffee beans, flax seeds, nuts, spices. The second with 4 blades can be used to grind wet ingredients, such as onion, garlic, ginger, chilies, vegetables etc.
  • ★【Easy Cleaning】The stainless steel bowls of this electric grinder are removable which makes it easy to pour powders and clean by water. Whether to meet the needs of coffee lovers or home food production, it will not affect the flavor.
  • ★【Easy One Handed Operation】Just press the lid to turn on the mill, as soon as you release to press, the grinder mill will stop. You could control the grinding time and fineness according to your needs.
  • ★【Safety Warranty】 The mill only works when the grinding bowl is locked in position and the lid is properly placed on the bowl. The base with the anti-slip rubber feet allows the stable function and thermal dispersion. A rubber layer to insulate the heat. A seal in the lid prevents powders from spilling out of the bowl during grinding.

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