How to introduce Bosch electric coffee grinders?

Coffee is an extremely famous drink, which was unanimously approved as soon as it appeared. That's precisely why several people started the production of coffee grinders. This kind of production, appeared, so long ago, just after the arrival of coffee, that is to say in the 17ᵉ century. The coffee grinder allows you to grind the coffee beans, and keep a maximum of the good flavors that'we all love. Among the most famous producers of coffee grinders, we find the Bosch brand. This last one, has succeeded through the years to make a big name in this industry. For more information, visit this article!

What is a coffee grinder?

It is also called coffee grinder, it can be an electric or manual machine, which allows to grind the coffee beans, and that allows thereafter, to preserve the aroma of the coffee. With regard to the manual coffee grinderwhich is traditional and quite old. The coffee beans are ground by a crank which is on top of the mill, and you can activate it by turning it.

 This type of grinder is extremely popular among coffee lovers, and it allows you to have different sizes of ground coffee:

  • powdered ;
  • average ;
  • crude.

Now comes the turn of the electric coffee grinderwhich is the modern version. Each mill has different tank sizesThis last one can go from 50 to 250 grams. Among the different electric coffee grinders that exist, we can distinguish: the coffee grinders with or without doser. This means that it is possible to choose the dose of coffee you want. There are also coffee grinders with different blades. You can find the one that turns at high speed, such as the propeller blade, or the one that allows to keep the aromas a maximum, because they do not overheat, such as the conical wheels.

There is also an option where you can program the quantity and the time of action, it is coffee grinders with a timer. In this article, we will talk more specifically about the electric coffee grinders of the brand Bosch. C'is an extremely well known brand in all that is production of household appliances and its coffee grinders, are very appreciated by consumers.

Bosch MKM6003 coffee grinder

It is a mill with a power of 180 watts, and a capacity of 75 g bell. Small size, which makes it space-savingand with a plastic exterior. It is equipped with a container, a transparent cover, and two rotating blades in stainless steel.

 It is very practical and suitable for grinding all types of coffee. It is available in black and white. On the other hand, you should also know that due to its many parts, and its small size, its cleaning is quite difficult, and it also does not allow you to choose an exact number of cups.

Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder

This model is equipped withA good security systemIt has a safety switch, because it does not grind the coffee beans, as long as the lid is not in place, but not only! It also has a switch called safety switch. This means that it is not in use until the switch is pressed. Its blades are made of stainless steel, which gives it a great precision, as well as a fairly fine grinding. As for its capacity, it is 75 g of seeds, and all this with a fairly reasonable noise, which you can largely bear. As for the negative points, it does not allow you to choose the grind, because and as we just said before, it only allows a fine grind by default.

Its cleaning can be quite difficult due to its small size and its numerous parts. Especially, that it is a non dismountable device. According to what we can read on the internet, it is a rather fragile coffee grinder. Indeed, you can find many reviews on the sales sites that mainly talk about the fragility of its blades. So we advise you not to use it for anything other than coffee, and to put the beans in small quantities each time.

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