What is our opinion on the latest Peugeot manual coffee grinder?

How about a good cup of freshly ground coffee to start the day? Nothing like it to wake you up, right? 

Let us introduce you to the manual coffee grinder Nostalgia at Peugeot. It is a model that is much talked about and we decided to investigate to know what it is worth. 

A few words about the Peugeot brand

Peugeot is one of the oldest mill brands in France. Having started its activity in the 19th century, it is still today among the leading brands of coffee and pepper mills in the world. The brand has always known reinventing ourselves to surprise while keeping its personal and vintage touch. The brand has collaborated with great French and international chefs and designers. 

For more than two centuries, Peugeot has distinguished itself by its dynamism and inventiveness. It was then with great pride that the company launched the its manual coffee grinder Nostalgia which takes the design of the very first models of the brand, and we can say that it was a success!

The Nostalgia Peugeot mill

It is a model of manual mill for domestic use in wood and dark brown color. It is 130 centimeters wide by 130 centimeters deep and 210 centimeters high, so it is a small machine that can be easily stored. 

Its old-fashioned design It goes well with all styles of cooking and brings a vintage touch to the decoration, it is a utilitarian and decorative object. It has a conical steel wheel; conical wheels allow a cleaner grinding of the grain because they turn more slowly. This type of technology is particularly interesting on oily and fragrant coffees because they do not clump at the bottom of the container. If a coffee clumps at the bottom, it will not release all of its flavors when cooked. The manual grinder therefore allows you to preserve taste and texture freshly ground coffee. 

The Peugeot Nostalgie brings a new technology while preserving the traditional side of the old coffee grinder with an old fashioned design. You can grind up to 35 grams of coffee at a time. 

It is a model of very good quality, thanks to the materials used and handcrafted assembly of the machine, it is also guaranteed for two years. The mechanism is made entirely of steel, which ensures a lifetime of durability, this material also allows it to resist corrosion. 

As far as the quality of the grind is concerned, the Nostalgie offers a regularity thanks to a very well studied mechanism. It is adjusted with a system of notches that allows to grind coffee in different thicknesses, depending on the use you will make of it later:

  • Coarse grind (for use on piston coffee makers);
  • Medium grind for filter coffee makers ;
  • Fine grind for making espresso;
  • Extra fine grind for making Turkish coffee.

Our opinion on the manual mill Nostalgie Peugeot

After studying the model, we can tell you that once again Peugeot has managed to combine aesthetics and quality. This manual coffee grinder seduced us in many aspects, its vintage look charmed us coffee lovers that we are. C'is a barista accessory of choice. It remains very functional, the steel handle is solid and does not slip and the mechanism inside the device is meticulously well thought out. 

We also appreciate the quality of its different grinds. It offers a very homogeneous powder that does not clump at the bottom of the drawer. Thanks to the different notches, you can grind coffee of different calibers to prepare several kinds of coffee. 

Finally, we can mention the strength and durability of the mechanism in steelIt has a blocking feature so that you don't inadvertently move from one notch to the next.

The mill Nostalgie of Peugeot has some defects as the capacity of 35 grams of the drawer which is a little right. It is also necessary to be careful not to put too many grains to grind, because the powder in excess risks to finish under the drawer and to block this last. 

We can also add that even if the mechanism is very well studied, the manual mill is still less practical thanan electric mill. We can also note that its price is higher than the average; count between 120 and 130 €.

Here is everything you need to know about the Nostalgie manual coffee grinder, Peugeot's flagship model.

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