What is our opinion on the BIALETTI manual coffee grinder?

What's better than a good freshly ground coffee in the morning, just the smell alone makes us want to get out of bed. You want to buy a coffee grinder and you don't know which one to choose among all the models on the market? Let us tell you about the manual coffee grinder from BIALETTI

What is the BIALETTI brand worth?

As you can guess from the sound of the name, BIALETTI is an Italian brand, today among the leaders coffee makers and coffee grinders. Known all over the world for the quality and design of their products, BIALETTI presents its new model of modern and practical coffee grinder. 

This brand is often the unanimous choice of customers, their models immediately attract attention thanks to their simple and refined design which gives immediately to the object a contemporary side which will go perfectly with the decoration of your kitchen. This model is in line with the BIALETTI spirit of technology, quality and design. We investigated to see if their manual coffee grinder lives up to all these promises.

The manual coffee grinder from BIALETTI

It is a coffee grinder manual in ABS, very resistant and of good quality. Made for domestic useYou can find it in red or black. The coffee grinder is 115 centimeters wide, 85 centimeters deep and 215 centimeters long. It is therefore small and compact enough to store it easily. It has a conical grinding wheel, but what differentiates it from other grinders is that it is made of ceramic.

In general, conical grinding wheels offer a much higher than average quality of coffee bean grinding. Its grinding wheels are not only conical, but also made of ceramic, which allows for a clean and homogeneous grinding of the beans. This technology is very useful for any type of coffee, because it does not clump at the bottom of the containerWe know that a coffee that is compacted is a coffee that will not release all its aromas. This is particularly interesting when working with oily or very fragrant coffees that tend to settle at the bottom of the container. You can therefore use any type of bean on this machine, your powder will always be aerated. This technology also allows to be very durable in time since the ceramic is indestructible. 

The BIALETTI mill has a notch system which offers different ways to grind coffee. It has a graduated container for the coffee powder, the graduation is made according to the number of cups. The container is made of plastic, so we advise you to bring a small brush to collect the coffee beans stuck to the walls.

Our opinion on the BIALETTI coffee grinder

The BIALETTI brand never disappoints and here again, it is a success. It has kept its promises by combining design, quality and technology. The materials used are all very resistant:

  • ABS for the body ;
  • conical ceramic wheel ;
  • steel mechanism and handle.

All this mixture gives an almost eternal product. The ABS of the exterior body is the same as that of the coffee makers, it is very resistant to shocks and supports very well the mechanism inside. This steel mechanism The finely crafted material is also very resistant, the handle is also made of steel which makes the product unbreakable. Finally, what makes this product stand out from the others in terms of quality is the ceramic grinding wheel that makes all the difference. It is a surprising choice, but effective, the ceramic being very sharp, the grinder grinds the coffee beans without making any effort.

We can also note the different notches that allow to create different grinds for all kinds of coffee. A coarse grind if you want to prepare a coffee in the piston coffee maker, or finer grinds more prepared espressos or Turkish coffees. On the other hand, the grinder is not made to grind coffee for a RoK type machine, because it requires a micromachine grinder. In addition to being a quality product, the BIALETTI coffee grinder has a rather advantageous price between 20 and 30 €.

If we could blame him for anything, it would be the material of the plastic container. With such well-chosen materials for the rest of the mill, we would have liked the brand to opt for glass that is not electrostatic, but with the plastic the coffee powder sticks to the walls of the receptacle and you will have to use a brush to recover it. 

Here is what you need to know about the BIALETTI manual mill.

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