What is our opinion on the HARIO manual coffee grinder?

Do you want to have a nice cup of freshly ground coffee every morning? Are you thinking of investing in a coffee grinderBut you don't know which one to choose among all the existing models on the market? 

In our article, we tell you about the coffee grinder HARIO manual. 

A few words about the HARIO brand

HARIO is a Japanese company specialized in table and kitchen accessories. Hario means "King of Glass" in Japanese, as they started with glass teapots. Initially intended for the Japanese market, their products quickly gained notoriety and became a reference by making a place between the biggest Italian and French brands. HARIO is best known for its famous Syphon" vacuum coffee maker. 

All the coffee professionals and great baristas speak of HARIO as the reference in the filter process. Over the years, HARIO has become the standard for quality barista accessories. HARIO presents its latest manual coffee grinder Skerton Plus. We investigated for you to find out if the mill really delivers on its promise.

HARIO Skerton Plus Manual Coffee Grinder

The famous house HARIO has released its brand new manual coffee grinder. Since the Skerton was already well known, they came up with this improved version of the old model. 

It is a manual coffee grinder in ABS with domestic use. It is currently only available in black, and measures 172 centimeters wide by 93 centimeters long and 231 centimeters high. It is a little larger than the majority of coffee grinders on the market, but this is due to the capacity of the container of 100 grams of powder. Despite its size, it remains quite light with a weight of 0.67 kilograms. 

Skerton Plus benefits from a strengthened mechanism and a new conical ceramic wheel. The conical grinding wheel is the best on the market today and allows grind coffee The coffee is ground in a clean and regular way to have a constant and homogeneous result. The coffee is perfectly ground without any coarseness or grains that get lost, thanks to the filter that the grinder is equipped with.

The crank has also been improved to create an ergonomic design that does not slip. It has a mechanism that allows you to increase the speed of rotation for easier grinding, so you won't have to make much effort to prepare your coffee. small cup of coffee in the morning. 

It also has other benefits and features:

  • The receptacle has an independent lid;
  • The receptacle is equipped with an anti-slip tape;
  • The hopper has a soft cover for easy handling;
  • The grains do not escape during use.

The Skerton Plus manual coffee grinder allows you to grind coffee in different sizes to create all kinds of preparations. From coarse powder to Italian coffee maker to fine espresso powders, including machines with pressurized systems, you have a wide range of coffee choices. 

Our opinion on the HARIO manual coffee grinder

Hario has always been a reference brand, especially when it comes to quality. Here again, they did not disappoint us, this model is of exceptional quality. The ABS of the body The ceramic grinding wheel is sharper than ever before so you can't miss a single grain, no waste with this machine. The ceramic grinding wheel is sharper than ever so that no grain is missed, no waste with this machine. This model is one of the most ergonomic on the market today, the grip is optimized to the maximum and the different coffee grinding options all work perfectly well. There is nothing to complain about regarding the materials used. We've talked about the ABS body and the ceramic grinder, but we also noted the thick glass container, unbreakable and non-electrostatic.

Customers who have tested the machine are also very satisfied. They praise the ergonomics, but especially the quality of the product and the grind. The grind is always regular even after several months of use. They particularly appreciate the 100 grams coffee container, it's quite rare to have such a big container. It is very practical, because you can grind coffee for several days in a row, no need to do it every morning.

In conclusion, it is an excellent high-end productThe price is a little more expensive than its competitors, it will be necessary to count between 40 and 50 €. It must also be admitted that this price is largely justified by the quality of the product. 

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