Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder test

Bosch is a well-known and recognized manufacturer of household appliances. The German brand also offers coffee grinders in its wide range of products. Like all Bosch products, the electric coffee grinders are of very high quality. They look great on the kitchen shelf and, most importantly, they perform their function perfectly for many years. In the product test below, I will give you my impressions and opinion on this coffee grinder that I have owned for 3 months.

coffee grinder TSM6A013B

Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder - general impressions

The Bosch TSM6A014R coffee grinder has a very minimalist and aesthetic look. Its black color is very discreet and combined with the simplicity of the case totally suits me and I'm quite a fan of it. For the moment my last grinders were Bodum mills and a Graef coffee grinder. A nice point, the Bosch grinder takes up very little space in the kitchen, so it is extremely light and handy. The housing is made of good quality plastic but not metal. The Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder has a safety button to prevent accidental activation.

You can only start the coffee grinder if the lid is closed, and that's a good thing, especially if you have kids. You also don't have to worry about 50 grams of coffee beans (which is the capacity of the Bosch TSM6A013B) being scattered throughout your kitchen, causing you extra work. But the heart of the grinder is the most important part. The grinding container is made of stainless steel (good point). It is equipped with a blade made of the same material.

Bosch Coffee Grinder TSM6A013B Kitchen, Black
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Bosch Coffee Grinder TSM6A013B Kitchen, Black
  • Precision blade: stainless steel knife for perfect fine grinding
  • works only when the cover is closed
  • Large grinding capacity: 75 grams of grain
  • The appliance can only be switched on when the lid is closed
  • Capacity: 75 g
  • Power: 180 W

The two-winged blade is extremely strong and allows for very precise grinding. The Bosch coffee grinder does not really allow you to adjust the degree of grinding, like all blade grinders, but you can influence the size of the grind by playing with the activation time. It's not perfect but for the price you can't expect much more.

The power of this small and discreet device is 180 W. The Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder will last you for years. More importantly, it won't just grind coffee. You can grind cereals, sugar, flaxseed, eggshells, nuts, pulses and much more.

Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder - price

The price of the grinder is extremely low. It is a product of a world famous brand. It is made from extremely durable materials and uses proven technologies. Wondering how good something that costs so little can be? Bosch TSM6A013B the price of the device, which is well worth its five stars that can be awarded for its solid construction and reliability during use.

Bosch TSM6A013B Coffee Grinder - Reliability

Users who have chosen the Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder praise the reliability of the device. Seduced by the aesthetic aspect, they pay attention to the ease of use, the short grinding time and the possibility to adjust the degree of grinding. Many users of this coffee grinder note that its operation is extremely quiet. So if you want to enjoy freshly ground coffee early in the morning, you won't wake up the rest of the house. One last important note about the Bosch TSM6A013B: reviews from coffee grinder owners confirm that it is extremely easy to keep the grinder clean.

By choosing the Bosch TSM6A013B coffee grinder, you will get a quality product at an extremely low price that will allow you to smell freshly ground coffee in your kitchen from morning to night. You'll find it hard to believe that coffee making was ever possible without this machine.

White version:

Bosch Coffee Grinder TSM6A011W Kitchen, White
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Bosch Coffee Grinder TSM6A011W Kitchen, White
  • hot drink machine
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: White
  • Number of pieces: 1.0

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