Why not try one of these 5 coffee preparations?

Coffee has proven to be a source of happiness for mankind and has been used in various ways for quite some time. The refreshing feeling one gets after a cup of coffee is something that stays in the mind. Whether it's a tough day at work or a bad mood, coffee works its magic when it comes to improving your mood by relieving stress. That's because of the compound called caffeine, which helps raise energy levels while helping you focus better. 

Keeping all these effects of coffee in mind, this article aims to let you know some of the best coffee recipes that are not only easy to prepare, but also a treat for your taste buds. So without further ado, here are the top 5 coffee recipes that you must try.

The Cappuccino

Starting with one of the most common forms of coffee that you simply can't afford to miss. While you can go for a cappuccino at a nearby coffee shop, making one for yourself is always a better idea. Because of the refreshing feeling it's supposed to give you, a cappuccino is going to be a perfect start to the day. Add it to your morning breakfast and you'll see how much less stressful your working hours will be throughout the day.

Cold coffee 

Now, cold coffee is surely the love of many due to the fact that it has its own cool and good feeling. Plus, you don't need to do much work to make it, as all you need is a blender with a few ingredients. Especially in the summer months, when you are looking to escape from the scorching heat of the sun, a cup of cold coffee will be your ideal companion. Choose the right amount of coffee to suit your taste and you'll be in a better mood than before. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

The Bulletproof Royal Café

This list of amazing coffee concoctions to try won't seem complete unless you include Bulletproof coffee. The ketogenic effects of this creamy and delicious coffee are perfect for starting the day. Basically, Bulletproof Coffee is a blended form of butter/coconut oil/MCT (medium chain triglycerides) and coffee. The reason it is important to mention this one is that it produces effects such as appetite control and increased energy levels. Its low carbohydrate content makes bulletproof coffee an obvious love for those on a ketogenic diet. You might want to read up on it and see what wonders it can do for you.

Filter coffee

This incredible coffee recipe comes from southern India and is known for its beautiful appearance and delicious creamy texture. The name filter coffee comes from the fact that it is filtered through a perforated container during its preparation. This perfect coffee sensation and the presence of a good amount of milk is heavenly tasting and certainly deserves to be on this list.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is the perfect example of how fancy a coffee recipe can be. The fact that it contains ice cream makes it even more delicious than other competing recipes. That's not where it stops, as iced coffee also contains various flavours of rum or liqueur, nutmeg, etc. that can be chosen according to your preferences. This recipe, topped with ice cubes, is something you are bound to try once if you claim to be a coffee lover. 

Take courses

If you want to learn how to make one of these super refreshing drinks, check out the Barista courses near you. The courses are aimed at anyone who wants to become a Barista, but if you want to learn how to make better coffee in the morning, you can attend them too! 

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