5 tips that will make you the perfect barista

Grinding your coffee is an important step in getting the perfect cup. Some essential grinding tips you need to know.

Grinding your own coffee beans is an essential step to having the perfect cup of coffee. Here are some tips on how to grind beans like a champ!

1. Never pre-grind coffee

Ground coffee becomes stale much faster than whole beans. Therefore, you should buy whole bean coffee and grind it yourself at home just before making your coffee. Store your beans in an airtight container and away from light for best results.

2. Use the right grind

Choosing the right grind is essential when it comes to grinding coffee beans. The consistency you need for ground beans depends on how you choose to brew them. A certain consistency of grind works best with specific brewing methods to give you the best cup of coffee.
  • RoughPercolators, piston coffee machines
  • Medium: Filter and flat-bottom coffee makers
  • WellCold brew coffee makers, Chemex or espresso

3. Weigh your coffee dose

It is important to get into the habit of measuring accurately to make a great cup of coffee. We think a good coffee ratio to work with is 16 (water) to 1 (coffee). A small kitchen scale is a great tool to use to keep your measurements accurate. As well as making a delicious cup of coffee, measuring will ensure that you never grind more than you need.
5 tips that will make you the perfect barista

4. Choose your coffee grinder

Two common processes for grinding coffee beans are with a grinding mill (highly recommended) OR a blade mill. A blade grinder works like a blender with blades that rotate at the bottom of the container. We do not recommend this method as it can result in a very uneven grind. The fineness of the grind is determined by the distance between the millstones. The smaller the distance between the wheels, the finer the grind and vice versa.

5. Automatic vs. manual

Grinders can be manual or automatic. Both work very well, so deciding which to choose depends on your personal preference. Manual grinders are considerably cheaper than some automatic grinders and are generally more compact, making them ideal for travel.

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