The most expensive coffees in the world!

The most expensive coffee in the world

Thinking of taking your coffee addiction to the next level? When it comes to extravagance, it's not just your taste buds that will feel the kick of a premium coffee, especially with a piston coffee maker - your wallet will feel it too.

Whether he spends $20 for a bag of grain or only $2 for a bag of coffee grounds From the grocery shop, every coffee addict is willing to spend something to feed their caffeine addiction. But how much is too much?

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The most expensive coffee in the world

Now let's break it down into hard currency. There are many reasons why some coffees can be expensive. For example, harvest yields, available supply, manual processing and market demand can make some coffees more expensive than others.

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All of these coffees will experience, especially if you are looking to increase your average daily coffee consumption. to increase your average daily coffee consumption.

Café Los Planes (20 €)

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Coffee from the Los Planes region Los Planes in El Salvador, coffee from the Los Planes region is appreciated by many coffee connoisseurs around the world because of its silky smooth taste and and flavourful taste. With notes of apple, chocolate, caramel and peach, these flavour notes have these flavour notes have increased its demand. Los Planes coffee has won several awards, one of the most prestigious being the Cup of Excellence of El Salvador.

Grown at altitude, Los Planes coffee beans are not only known for their flavour, but also for the care and dedication of the farmers. by the farmers. With its easy acidity, Los Planes coffee will awaken your senses with robust flavour notes that will leave you wanting more with every sip. every sip. It averages about $20 a bag.

Hawaiian Kona coffee beans Peaberry (€30-45)

Named after the Kona region Kona region of Hawaii, Kona coffee is one of the most popular coffees in the world. Grown along the steep mountain slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai, Kona comes from the largest island in Hawaii. The climate is characterised by sunny sunny temperatures, moderate rainfall and rich volcanic soil, the rich volcanic soil, Kona beans are known for their extremely delicious taste. However, it's important to keep an eye on the type of Hawaiian coffee coffee you decide to buy, as some of them may not be quite be of the highest quality, even though they may claim to be.

Most Kona coffee beans are Most Kona coffee beans are sold in bags containing 10 % of pure Kona beans, while the while the remaining 90 % are medium coffee beans that are not as tasty as Kona beans. not as tasty as Kona beans. However, a solid bag of Kona beans at 100%, usually peas, is of much better quality and therefore quality and therefore much more expensive. In order to better guarantee the quality of your Hawaiian Kona beans, it is best to buy peaberry beans.

Fazenda Santa Ines (50 per kilogram)

Originating in Brazil, Fazenda Santa Ines is known for its consistent quality and flavour and flavour, and this consistency has made it a firm favourite in the coffee market market today. The beans from Fazenda Santa Ines, one of the most popular coffees coffee, are grown using natural mineral water from nearby springs. nearby springs. In addition to these springs, the mountainous area in which these beans are grown beans are grown contributes to making the flavour notes more pronounced and distinct.

From rich fruity flavours to a silky caramel, these beans make a delicious coffee to enjoy at any time of day. coffee to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Typically priced at around 50 per pound, this coffee is expensive, but still affordable for many for many bottled coffee drinkers.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (€50-65)



Originally from the Blue Mountain range in Jamaica. These beans are grown at high altitudes with good access to rainfall, which allows for consistent production of healthy beans. These conditions make these beans among the most sought-after in the coffee market, and they have been in high demand for a long time. Surprisingly, Japan is actually the largest consumer of these beans, with about 80 % of Jamaica's total production being shipped specifically to that island country.

As far as coffee grading is concerned grading of coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain can be classified into three different categories. These categories include numbers 1, 2 and 3, with number 1 being the highest quality with the least number 1 being the highest quality with the least amount of bean malformation. deformities. Overall, these beans are highly valued because of their concentrated flavour, as well as their lack of bitterness.

Café Finca El Injerto (20 to 80 €)

Grown in Guatemala, Finca El Injerto coffee is another expensive yet affordable brand of coffee beans, ranging in price from 20 to 80 euros. Grown for generations by the Aguirre family, these beans are cultivated and processed on the family farm in the Huehuetenango mountains

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