Italian coffee maker, instructions for beginners

Operation of an Italian coffee maker and very simplified principles

The Italian coffee maker was invented in 1933 by the Italian Bialetti Alfonso and has since expanded its reputation around the world. In fact, there are three main types of Italian coffee makers:

  • the aluminium coffee pot,
  • the electric coffee maker,
  • and the induction coffee maker.

All these types of coffee makers have a pressure system divided into three layers. These three layers, seen from the bottom of the coffee maker, are: the water layer, the ground coffee layer and the prepared coffee layer. The general principle governing the operation of this appliance is that the water at the bottom is brought to the boil. The steam produced then rises to the top to liquefy the coffee powder. This is how consumable coffee is obtained. In terms of operation of an Italian coffee maker, there is also the sound function when the water at the bottom evaporates completely.

Step-by-step guide to making coffee in a moka coffee maker

Italian coffee maker, instructions for beginners

The Italian coffee maker, also known as the moka coffee maker, is the most widely used coffee maker in the world. This is due to the unique and unbeatable taste of the coffee it produces. As a result, the preparation of coffee with the moka coffee maker follows a meticulous process composed of essential steps.

Steps for making coffee in a moka coffee maker

To prepare coffee for three cups, you must first put water in the bottom tank provided for this purpose. This water should preferably be fresh and filtered before use. Regardless of the capacity of your Italian coffee maker, you should not put water into the tank beyond the safety valve, so you should stop a little below it. Then pour in 15 grams of ground coffee into the central funnel of the coffee maker and smooth the surface so that it is uniform without packing the coffee. After that, make sure to close the lid of the last compartment for collecting the coffee.

The coffee maker should then be placed on a source of heat at average temperature. Start a timer for five minutes, after which the coffee powder will have completely disappeared and the coffee will be hot. Switch off the heat source and leave for another minute. The base of the coffee maker, having been in contact with the heat, can be immersed in a container of cold or iced water. This will help to force its cooling to prevent possible burns when handling it. The top clasp can then be opened to serve the well-flavoured coffee into the cups. The Italian coffee maker is equipped with a pouring spout to facilitate this task.

Care of the Italian coffee maker after use

The quality of the Italian-style coffee The quality of the coffee also depends on how the coffee maker in which it is prepared is maintained. So, there are some basic steps to follow in order to best maintain your Italian coffee maker. It may surprise you, but the best way to care for your coffee maker is to rinse it quickly with water without scrubbing... and that's it! The Italians say that the film formed by the coffee acts as a barrier between the liquid and the metal and that a well used coffee maker will taste better than a new one.

Explanatory video

The following video illustrates the above process in pictures. The steps are detailed to help you master the technique in record time. You could always turn on the slow motion mode to make sure you don't miss any small movements. It would also be useful to reproduce the actions as you go along for a much better assimilation.

References of good Italian coffee makers

The popularity of the Italian coffee maker is specifically linked to the existence of certain brands that adapt their models to the needs of users. These include Bialetti and Bodum.


Founded by the inventor of the Italian coffee production technique, the Bialetti brand has been offering evolving models of coffee machines. This brand designs and markets coffee makers in typically contemporary presentation formats with the same traditional method of preparation. They come in small, medium and large sizes, suitable for all kinds of uses. A wide range of colours and shades are used to give Bialetti models a glamorous touch.

In terms of functionality, coffee makers are not left behind in the evolution of technology. Bialetti coffee makers are capable of program the coffee brewing with the timer they are equipped with. There are also some with hyperthermal properties that can keep coffee hot after brewing for up to 30 minutes. In addition to all these attractive features, Bialetti coffee makers are sold at affordable prices that defy all competition on the market. Here are some examples:

  • Bialetti Kitty Induction

This is a popular coffee maker with a capacity of 30 centilitres, enough to fill 6 cups of coffee. It can be used with all kinds of heat sources including induction. It is available in several colours.

Bialetti Caffettiera Acciaio Inox Kitty New 6 Tazze Bachilite Made in Italy, 6 Cups
2 800 Avis
Bialetti Caffettiera Acciaio Inox Kitty New 6 Tazze Bachilite Made in Italy, 6 Cups
  • EXCEPTIONAL COFFEE: From its harmonious design and quality materials to its ease of use, the Kitty coffee maker has everything you need for an unforgettable coffee experience!
  • ITALIAN ELEGANCE: The Kitty coffee maker renews the Bialetti design for the greatest pleasure of our amazed eyes. Its pure lines give it an elegance that will shine in your kitchen!
  • EYES CLOSED: It would be a shame not to look at it, but the Kitty coffee maker can be used with your eyes closed. Measure out the water and coffee, heat, and enjoy a real Italian coffee in the blink of an eye!
  • BEAUTIFUL BUT NOT ONLY: Kitty is made of stainless steel, has an anti-scald handle and a patented safety valve. Compatible with induction and dishwashers, with a capacity of 6 cups (30cl).
  • BIALETTI TRADITION: Since the invention of the Moka Express, BIALETTI has put all its know-how and love of design at the service of coffee lovers. This is still the case with the Kitty coffee maker.
  • Bialetti Rainbow

It is made of aluminium and has a maximum capacity of 30 centilitres, or 6 cups of 5 centilitres. The special thing about this coffee maker is that it comes in a variety of flashy colours!

Bialetti 4993 Italian Coffee Maker, Aluminium, Orange, 6 Cups
5,145 Notices
Bialetti 4993 Italian Coffee Maker, Aluminium, Orange, 6 Cups
  • Sparkling harmonies: seven brilliant shades for a cheerful wake-up call
  • Quality and safety made in Italy: exclusive safety valve, easy to inspect and clean, patented by Bialetti
  • Ideal for the preparation of real Italian coffee
  • All burners except induction
  • Bialetti Moka Timer

Are you afraid of missing out? Go for the Moka Timer. This is a recent model of coffee maker that is equipped with a programmable timer and has the ability to keep coffee hot for 30 minutes. It also has a 360 degree turning system which makes it easy to use, even for left-handed people.

Bialetti Moka Timer Fully automatic electric moka coffee maker
621 Notices
Bialetti Moka Timer Fully automatic electric moka coffee maker
  • Made of stainless steel. Programmer with automatic stop. LED display. 3 ringing levels. Keeps coffee hot for 30 minutes. Nylon handle. Cold base (4 cm thick). Safety valve.


Established in 1944 by Peter Bodum, after whom it is named, the brand soon specialised in the production and marketing of household goods. Its success is due to the low-cost design policy it has adopted, particularly in the case of coffee makers. Bodum coffee makers have been at the top of the list of the best design creations for several decades. The brand is characterised by coffee makers that are mostly equipped with a piston and are gradually adapting to other technological developments.

They are compact, easy to carry and use. They do not require extensive knowledge of how users prepare coffee. Available in small, medium and large sizes, Bodum coffee makers can cover all circumstances. Here are a few models.

  • Chambord

As you know, I really like Bodum because they have the art of offering beautiful tools at competitive prices. So I couldn't pass up this Italian coffee machine.

It is a moka coffee maker with a capacity of one litre and a chrome-plated metal frame. This Italian coffee maker will be the first item in your collection.

Bodum - 10617-16 - Chambord - Italian Coffee Maker 6 Cups - 0.35 L - Brilliant Stainless Steel
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Bodum - 10617-16 - Chambord - Italian Coffee Maker 6 Cups - 0.35 L - Brilliant Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 0.35 Litre, 6 cups
  • Iconic CHAMBORD design
  • High quality materials. High-quality, finely brushed stainless steel
  • Gas and induction compatible
  • Dishwasher safe

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