How to introduce the Moulinex electric coffee grinder?

Coffee grinders have been created since the 16th century. In the beginning they were manual mills, but over time they became electric coffee grinders have appeared. Moulinex is among the first producers of electric coffee grinders. That's why it is today an extremely well known brand and much appreciated by consumers, especially since it didn't stop at coffee grinders, on the contrary it diversified into everything that is small kitchen appliances. In this article, we will discuss the history of the Moulinex coffee grinder, as well as some examples of their flagship products.

What is the history of the Moulinex company?

C'is a company founded by Jean Mantelet in 1937. Its founder was born in Paris, and studied at the commercial school of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It was in 1932, and while observing the difficult household chores, that he was inspired to make a potato masher. As the years went by, the small company became a factory, especially since in 1953 the crank disappeared and was replaced by motors. After 3 years, the first electric coffee grinder was sold and the following year, the name of the company became Moulinex, which means express mill. Over the years, the Moulinex coffee grinder has evolved considerably and the brand has released several models. Each of them corresponds to different needs. In this article, we are going to present you some models of Moulinex electric coffee grinder, which are the most known and the most used.

Moulinex Coffee Grinder AR110510

This model is not only designed for coffee beans. It is robust enough to grind everything from dried fruit to spices. It is equipped with a transparent lid, which allows you to check the fineness of the grind every time. 

This means that you can have a fine or even a coarse grind, especially as its power can reach 180 watts. As for its design, it takes up little space and is very elegant, especially with its ergonomic shape, which makes it easy to hold. Its blades are made of stainless steel, and is available in ruby red. It is extremely well rated on the sales sites.

Moulinex coffee grinder AR110830

It has a capacity of over 50 g, with a power of 180 watts. It can be used for all types of beans, which means that it is not specific to coffee. It is only available in black, with a very elegant design. In order to ensure more safety, the transparent cover does not rotate in caseIf the lid is not closed properly, you will get a homogeneous and fine grinding result, because you can see the action through it.

Moulinex A98026F coffee grinder

This is a white coffee grinder that allows you to make fresh coffee. Its capacity is up to 9 cups, which is the equivalent of 75 grams. It has a double security systemIt is very light and compact and its spare parts are available almost everywhere after the purchase of the product. It is very light and space-saving and its spare parts are available everywhere after the purchase of the product. Finally, regarding its price-quality ratio, it is very interesting and can suit many people.

How to choose a coffee grinder? 

The choice of a coffee grinder can sometimes be quite complicated, because it is conditioned by many parameters, which you must take into account. A coffee grinder is good when its grind is quite precise and homogeneous. However, if the grind is coarse, the coffee will not be properly brewed. As far as the blades of the grinder are concerned, they can be made of several materials, such as steel or ceramic. The difference between the two is mainly related to the so-called thermal conductivity. Steel is a good conductor, so the blades will heat up and cool down quite quickly. Unlike ceramic, which has a rather limited thermal conductivity. This means that it will heat up slowly, but it will also take time to cool down. It should also be noted that ceramic grinders are extremely fragile, but they are suitable for domestic use. There are also manual coffee grinders, which are considered a luxury item today, but you should not forget that they are very economical, and quite practical. However, you can't make just any kind of coffee with them, and you will be very limited in terms of the amount you can grind.

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