What is the value of the BODUM electric coffee grinder?

There's nothing like a good coffee in the morning to give you a boost of energy for the day. So you're a coffee lover and you've decided to invest in a electric coffee grinder. Let us tell you more about the BODUM electric coffee grinder.

A few words about the BODUM brand

When choosing household appliances, the first thing that comes to mind is the brand and its reputation. BODUM is a company founded in 1944 by Peter BODUM. His ambition was to create good quality products combining functionality and affordability. The business started with the sale of piston coffee makers in the 1940s, and today more than 100 million coffee makers and about 40 million teapots have been sold worldwide. The brand continues to grow with electric coffee grinders. 

The company has recently made a commitment to more environmentally friendly production. Their factories use environmentally friendly technologies to reduce their CO2 emissions with the aim of halving them by the end of 2023. They have equipped their factories with energy storage batteries and photovoltaic panels. BODUM is beginning to make a name for itself in the electronic coffee grinder market, notably with hand grinder models, but especially with the new Bistro electronic grinder.

The BODUM Bistro electric coffee grinder

This is an electric coffee grinder made for home use. The model is designed to be as ergonomic as possible; you simply turn the coffee bean container to set the grinding mode. It is an appliance designed for domestic use with a piston filter, like the coffee makers. It is 9 centimetres wide, 10 centimetres deep and 16.5 centimetres high. It is therefore a small machine that is easy to store.

It is a well thought-out model that stands above the market average in terms of quality. The majority of coffee grinders have plastic containers, but the plastic microfibre charges the coffee powder electrostatically and scatters it. BODUM grinders have borosilicate glass containersIt is a non-static material. This means you can collect your coffee much more easily, without the risk of spilling the powder. Another nice feature of this container is that it contains an environmentally friendly silicone strip that allows you to hold the container without it slipping out of your hands. 

The BODUM coffee grinder has conical grinding wheels, unlike the majority of models which have helical blades. The conical grinding wheels turn more slowly, which allows them to grind the beans more cleanly and to produce less noise. This type of grinding also prevents fragrant and oily coffees from clumping together, and it is well known that a coffee should never be clumped together in order to release all its aromas.

Our opinion on BODUM coffee grinders

We have therefore conducted a thorough review of the BODUM Bistro coffee grinder. It is a very attractive appliance that is part of a high quality range. Its contemporary design is very well thought out and fits perfectly into any kitchen style. The model is distinguished by its conical grinding wheels which give perfectly ground coffee for a press or an Italian coffee maker. You are advised to place the index at the 4ᵉ mark to use the coffee in a piston coffee maker. To summarise, the advantages of this appliance are:

  • allows you to obtain sharper grains;
  • contemporary design ;
  • has conical grinding wheels;
  • produces less noise.

The only drawback is that the machine cannot be used to grind espresso, as the grind is not fine enough. This is the only criticism that can be made of this machine; the moulding is not fine enough for the taste of some customers. Finally, it all depends on your future use of the machine. If you are going to grind coffee for use in a press or coffee maker, then this machine is perfect for you. However, if you plan to disgust espressos and other coffees that require a finer grind, this is not the model for you.

The feedback from customers is very positive in general. They praise the design and the ease of use. They particularly like the glass receptacle which prevents coffee from sticking to the bottom, no need to use a brush to collect the powder. With this grinder, you can adjust the amount of powder you get precisely. 

In conclusion, it can be said that the electric coffee grinders from BODUM are very good products of high quality despite the lack of some features.

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