What are the characteristics of a top-of-the-range manual coffee grinder?

The first step in making an excellent coffee is to grind your coffee beans in a coffee grinder. Buying ground coffee or pods does not give you all the benefits and smells of your chosen coffee.

In order to get a coffee that meets your expectations quickly and easily, you should consider the presence of coffee beans.

How to choose your coffee grinder?

The manual coffee grinder is the most conventional mode of operation. It is often made of woodIt is now also made of stainless steel and has a crank that you turn to operate the grinder, which grinds the grain that you have previously placed in the machine. Ground coffee is then placed in a compartment or drawer provided for this purpose.


The capacity of a coffee grinder is proportional to its power. The more watts, the more powerful the gadget.

Design and materials

The appearance of the coffee grinder can also influence your decision. If you intend to leave it on your worktop, it should have a nice design and ergonomics that complement your kitchen decor.


When choosing a coffee grinder, it is also crucial to consider the quality of the mill because it is the central point of your machine. There are stainless steel grinders as well as ceramic grinders, which are more upmarket but more delicate.

Tank dimensions

In general, coffee grinders have two tanks: one for coffee beans and another to recover the soil. The choice of thehe size of the tank will depend on how often you plan to use your grinder and how many people you plan to make coffee for.

The fineness of the grind

The fineness of the grind is determined by your coffee grinder, as well as your taste and the type of coffee machine you use.

The advantages of grinding coffee beans yourself

The coffee grinder allows you to select your favourite coffee beans and grind them directly at home before making your coffee to preserve all the smells. So it's up to you whether you stick to your favourite coffee every day or branch out and try something new. The range of options is wide and you have a large choice of coffee beans in bags or in bulk.

Then, of course, you can select the type of grind you want. All you have to do is grind your grains after choosing the right grind for your coffee machine.

Buying coffee in bulk and grinding it yourself is not only cheaper, but also better for the environment as it produces much less waste.

List of some top-of-the-range manual coffee grinders

Innislink coffee grinder

Designed for Grind coffee beans by handThe Innislink manual coffee grinder is a robust instrument that produces a high quality fresh, high quality grind. Its stainless steel construction makes it both robust and functional. This rust-resistant material also has the added advantage of being easy to maintain. It also has an industrial ceramic grinding wheel that runs at a constant temperature. This reduces the heat, which helps to keep the taste of the coffee. This wheel is also adjustable, allowing you tofine-tune the grinding according to your habits and preferences: fine, medium or coarse grain.

Positive points

  • Stainless steel structure Durability : ensures durability despite repeated cleaning;
  • Ceramic grinding blade Maintains the quality and taste of the coffee;
  • Possibility of select grain size to be generated according to your preferences and the type of drink you wish to prepare

The Peugeot Nostalgie manual coffee grinder

Nostalgic fans will appreciate this Wooden manual coffee grinder. It is made of beech wood and includes a crank handle and a drawer to hold the ground coffee. Several colours are available in this model.

Sound design is conventional and timelessIt is of high quality, as it is produced in France by the famous Peugeot brand.

The mechanism is made of steel and the tank weighs approximately 30 g. The toothed wheel under the crank allows for precise adjustment of the grinding.

Positive points

  • Moulding of very excellent quality ;
  • Easily changeable moulding thickness;
  • Very attractive ornamental object;
  • Does not require batteries or other modifications.

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