Bodum Bistro coffee grinder test

The Bodum Bistro coffee grinder is the first coffee grinder I have invested in. And I'm delighted with it! Let me give you a tour of the mill.

Bodum Bistro coffee grinder test
The Bodum Bistro coffee machine in my kitchen

First of all it is an electric coffee grinder, no more physical effort in the morning to prepare your coffee. This is an important point for me as I already had a manual and electric coffee grinder with blades which both came from my grandmother.

Why buy this coffee grinder

The second point is that it has grinding wheels, and coffee grinders with grinding wheels are the most popular among enthusiasts for two main reasons:

  1. Coffee grinders with grinding wheels are adjustableThis means that we can get a different grind for our coffee machine.
  2. Grinders are less hot and they do not overheat the coffee, this is a big problem with blade coffee grinders and it is a shame to spoil the coffee before you have even prepared it.

Finally, this mill is practical! It has a fairly large grain tank so you don't have to refill it every day. It is automatic, for example.

Bodum Bistro coffee grinder test

I drink 75% of coffee made in a Chemex coffee maker for two people, so I have my time and grind set. I only have to press a button in the morning to get the right amount of ground coffee at the right thickness. And finally, the cup is made of glass and is antistatic, so it doesn't clump the ground coffee against its sides.

How much does the Bodum Bistro coffee grinder cost?

Please note that there are two types of coffee grinders in the Bodum Bistro range, a blade grinder and a grinding wheel grinder, we are talking about the latter which is slightly more expensive than the former but also much more practical and usable. The price is around 135€ on all the sites, it is usually cheap on Amazon and this is where I bought it. You can click on the link to see the product description. I'll get a small commission if you buy it on Amazon and that's how this blog lives 😊

Bodum - 10903-01EURO - Bistro - Electric Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel - Black
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Bodum - 10903-01EURO - Bistro - Electric Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel - Black
  • 12 grind settings to suit all requirements. Espresso, filter or piston coffee maker.
  • Time/quantity" timer which allows the grinding time to be adapted to the desired quantity of coffee (max 20 seconds).
  • Stainless steel wheels with a conical shape for better grinding efficiency.
  • Silent.
  • The freshly ground coffee is gently poured into a non-static, odourless borosilicate glass container.
  • Grinding speed: 720 rpm.

Advantages of the Bodum Bistro coffee grinder

  • It is adjustable
  • It is rather quiet
  • It is lightweight and easy to clean
  • It is not very expensive
  • It is robust


  • Many plastic parts
  • Power cable a bit short (1m)

Conclusion and final score

I hesitated for a long time before buying this coffee grinder. And I made a mistake! I should have gone for it much earlier. I grinded my beans by hand for several months before I finally gave in and I am now so pleased with it that it is my best kitchen purchase. I have had it for 5 months now (I received it at the very beginning of the containment) and so far everything is going well.

For the note I give it :

  • 14/20 for manufacturing
  • 19/20 for the use and the result obtained
  • 17/20 for the aesthetics (I'm quite a fan of the bodum design)

For an average of 17/20! Which is an excellent score. Thank you for reading this first test and don't hesitate to read the other articles.

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